United States Naval Research Laboratory

Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

    The Naval Research Laboratory detachment at John C. Stennis Space Center (SSC), Mississippi, focuses on three research areas: marine geosciences, oceanography and underwater acoustics.

    Acoustics DivisionThe Acoustic Simulation, Measurements and Tactics Branch research centers on characterization of environmental acoustics and the theoretical understanding and numerical modeling of how acoustic waves interact in the marine environment. This research is used in the development of technology used for prediction, system performance estimation, and tactical strategy planning.

    Marine Geosciences Division The Marine Geosciences Division focuses its applied scientific research in three primary areas: (1) characterizing the seafloor and coastal areas, (2) modeling of the seafloor and modeling of the processes causing changes in the seafloor, and (3) furthering precise 4D geospatial information science and technologies.

    Oceanography DivisionThe Oceanography Division conducts theoretical and experimental research of biological, chemical, dynamical, and physical processes of the open ocean, coastal and littoral areas, and marine boundary layers. The research is based on the synthesis of theory, field experiments and measurements, and numerical-dynamical models, which the Division develops and continually improves.